The world's most advanced cleansing brush



Meet the Soniclear Elite: the world’s first antimicrobial protected sonic skin cleansing brush system. Six speeds plus a massage mode gives skin a purely luxurious feeling, while the antimicrobial protection ensures brushes stay cleaner and fresher for longer.


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 10 reviews
The Best Skincare Tool!
From: Gabby

I absolutely love the soniclear elite! I have been a user for almost 2 years and it has changed my skincare/ body care routine forever. I stopped using it for a month because I felt like it wasn't necessary, but I was so wrong! My skin went crazy once I stopped. My face broke out, became inflamed and I then realized how much of a difference it makes. I only use this at night to really help remove any excess dirt and makeup my makeup wipes missed. What I love about it is that it removes all the impurities so well, but doesn't feel overly abrasive so it's perfect for every day. I used to also suffer from acne on my back and I notice that ever since using the body brush on my back the acne has cleared. I also like to use the body brush with a body scrub to get a really good exfoliation. All in all it is an amazing product and very useful in so many amazing ways. I recommend it to everyone and it is a must have!

Must have!!
From: Yulia

Great for every day, my skin feels really soft and clean.

From: Nellieg

I never thought I needed a brush to wash my face but my husband purchased this as a Christmas present for me and I am absolutely head over heels in love with this product. It makes my skin so tight, clean, shiny and my poors are noticeably smaller. I highly recommend this product!

by Nicolyndime on SONICLEAR_ELITE
Top performance product!
From: Nicolyndime

I had the Clarisonic, and that's great too, but the Soniclear Elite is a comparable and more affordable product.

Cleans my face so well!
From: Karrie

Gentle enough for my skin yet cleans powerfully and my skin has never looked so great.

by Mona Petre on SONICLEAR_ELITE
Definitely Recommended This Product!
From: Mona Petre

Loved the Soniclear Elite because it makes my skin feel super fresh and clean after using it. I especially love using it after a long day of makeup being on my face. It really refreshes the skin. Being a beauty blogger and trying so many different products on the market, I really did love this one!

by Sarahp96 on SONICLEAR_ELITE
I’m loving this!
From: Sarahp96

I’m so glad I splurged and bought this item. It works so well! I love the settings on it. The size is perfect! And it’s easy to travel with!

Love it!!!
From: Bsismee

I used to have a device like this years ago and liked it pretty well but this Michael Todd's Soniclear Elite System blows that device out of the water. I've been using this device for a couple of weeks now and my skin looks amazing. I literally look years younger and my skin feels baby soft. My skin has also cleared up and looks incredibly healthy and radiant. Applying my makeup has become much easier because my foundation seems to glide on with ease. I cannot believe how incredible my skin looks. I can even skip makeup and still feel confidant because my skin has a constant healthy glow to it. Michael Todd's Soniclear Elite System is waterproof so you can use it in the shower and don't have to worry about keeping it dry. It also has 6 speeds so there's sure to be a perfect speed for you. Of course it's also rechargeable! Simply set it in it's charging cradle and it will be charged and ready to go the next time you need it. I'm also head over heals in love with the design of Michael Todd's Soniclear Elite System. It fits in my hand perfectly and the non slip sides keep even me from dropping it. The buttons are incredibly easy to push and I was able to figure out how to operate it in a matter of seconds. The brush head is so soft and cleans ever nook and cranny of my face with ease. I love how it feels on my skin and have to add that it's incredibly relaxing to use. The brush head is also antimicrobial so you don't have to worry about germs or bacteria growing on your brush. Michael Todd's Soniclear Elite System is also very lightweight and comes in several different patterns so you're sure to find one you absolutely love! Michael Todd's Soniclear Elite System also comes with this handy case which is perfect for traveling and keeping your Michael Todd's Soniclear Elite System safe and sound. Disclosure: I received product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review. I only recommend products I've used personally, and believe will be good fit for consumers.

by Zimran Malik on SONICLEAR_ELITE
Better Than All The Competition!
From: Zimran Malik

This cleansing brush has totally changed my skincare game, it's the most effective method at removing all the grime from my skin after a long day. It's also an essential for a vacation/summer because it's great at removing all the thick sunscreen, stopping it from clogging my pores. My face feels so fresh after using it and my skin has improved significantly! It allows my skin products to absorb so much better making my skin look overall extremely clear. It has so many settings which is so convenient depending on the state of my skin. There's no other facial cleaning brush like it, it's way better than Clarisonic and all this other brands at a better rate. I would recommend this to everyone!

by Courtney on SONICLEAR_ELITE
Life Changing
From: Courtney

This tool brings a whole new level to clean! It has different levels, so you can adjust the intensity to fit your needs. I really can't imagine my skincare routine without it! It also comes with interchangeable heads, one for your face and one for your body.

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